Call tracking services are useful and provide a lot value in various industries. Any business that has a selling characteristic, can grow from a call tracking system. Similarly, dentists can take advantage of it, and enhance their marketing exposure. A call tracking software will help optimize and improve marketing campaigns by analyzing where the calls are coming from.

So, can you tell how much will it cost to bring a new patient? You might not have the answer. It will depend on the size of your practice and the dental services you offer in your practice, but if your budget is limited, you have to look for better and affordable ways to reach out to the patients and keep track of them. Here call tracking can help a lot. Check out how below.

How call tracking works for dentists

Using a call tracking software is simple, you’ll be given several new phone numbers that function as a redirect number. You’ll will insert this redirect number on marketing campaign, such as a postcard and  when a potential patient calls the new redirect number, the software will record each call and report where this call has been made. It’s important that you place these redirect numbers in separate marketing campaigns, so you can accurately record the metrics of each campaign.

The power of CRM

You will receive data on the channels that are delivering your calls and you can also integrate it with your Customer Relationship Manager (CRM), which allows you to organize your data. This can be done with a single click and integrate your CRM  with the tracking system campaign. You will get real-time insight like which campaigns is giving you the most calls and you will get to know how much revenue you are getting from one ad.

Implement call tracking into practice

As a dentist, you have so much on your schedule, such as keeping up with employee performance and providing care for your patients. A call tracking software allows you to audit your marketing campaigns, so you can focus on which marketing campaigns is giving the best ROI. It will come handy and will help you scale your practice. So, you must know the value of using call tracking for your dental clinic.

Improves the marketing spend

This is one of the easiest and straight forward ways dentists can invest in and ensure their money is well-spend. By using the tracking numbers on various parts of marketing you can simply view the campaigns that have been getting more leads, phone calls, and booked appointments. If you invest more money into the source of marketing that is recently trending, you will be able to improve your spending statistics, and your money will not go to waste.

Front office phone call handling

With so many patients to handle, you do not get much time to check on the front office representative and review the work they are doing. You are also not aware of any other employee’s performance when you are busy with patients. Tracking calls in your clinic, will also allow you to get a better insight on the conversion rates of the calls with call recording features, this gives you ability to review and analyze your front desk’s calls. You can listen to the call recordings to know how your employees are greeting the customers, and how they are behaving with returning patients and new patients.

Call recording for employee feedback and training

So, by now you know how your employees are doing, and how they are treating your patients when you are busy with your practice. Here you can also get feedback, about your employees. When you listen to the call recordings you realize which representative is lagging in their response, the one that needs a bit of training, and who are doing their best to engage patients.

Call recording allows you can give them feedback, training and let them know if there are any improvement needed in their communication. You can give them annual reviews, and it can be done by teams, or individually. This approach will help you get better outcomes in your dental clinic and get more potential patients.

As you don?’t have time to monitor the activities of your front office employees, you get to track their recordings and learn which employee is doing their best. You can always take the help of a third party who can help them assist and coach the employees by team or individually. However, with call recording, you can get better control of your practice because you get to monitor the recordings and the greeting behavior of your employees.

So, you can assist them as your work requires. It will save the money you were going to spend on third-party coaching. When you get to do that you will be able to grow your practice more efficiently. Your practice will improve and so will your employees.

The importance of call tracking

You need to keep control of your dental practice, with the help of dental call tracking, you will be able to efficiently and effectively enhance your office.