The last decade we have witnessed a great boost in the use of social media. The percentage of the US population has increased from twenty-five percent up to seventy to eighty percent in one decade only. Almost all businesses and professions are using social media. The dental industry is not an exception. Dental social media is also important to create a brand identity and get the desired exposure. Are you looking for some more reasons to use social media for your dental practice? If yes, just have a look at the following.

Why Is Dental Social Media Important?

Like any other business or profession, you will need a proven marketing strategy and right platforms to promote your profession and win the trust of potential patients. Social media is the best way to reach a larger level of the audience. Here are a few benefits of social media.

Provides Better Visibility

Visibility is a must to survive in your competitive industry. If you are not present online or on social media, people might not recognize you. In the current condition, people will first research a profession on social media before deciding. If you will not be available, they might not find you trustworthy and they will not hesitate to choose your competitors. You can build your own website and promote your dental service on social media. Social media will offer better visibility and will introduce you to a larger level of the audience beyond your local community.

Builds Credibility

Social media helps to build credibility. Nowadays, people prefer to use social media to know more about the reliability and credibility of a service. They use all the possible platforms including Google, Facebook, and Twitter to know more about a dental service. When they will not find your service on all those platforms, they will not be able to gather more information about you. They cannot connect in the absence of some important information. You can create a trustworthy environment with dental social media. You can post the images and videos of your office on social media to develop a personal contact. Answer their queries to inspire them to consider your service.

Creates Healthy Communication & Relationship

When you develop communications on dental social media, you will give a scope to your patients to satisfy their queries. You can share your contact information so that they can communicate whenever they want. They can call your office and post a question on your profile. Understand their concerns and answers their queries to develop healthy communication. They will certainly find you worth visiting when all their questions are answered. Be genuine while communicating to make them feel that they are in safe hands.

How to Start Dental Social Media

Many people think that it is easy to use social media for their business. However, the process is a bit complex and needs expertise. Instead of planning to use social media on your own, you can consider hiring experts. The benefit of hiring professionals is that they understand your business and social media. They can offer you the most proven and cost-effective solutions. They will keep updating depending on the changing marketing condition. If you try to do it on your own, you will be ended up spending all your time. More importantly, you might not get the desired benefits without skills and experience. Here are a few tips for social media marketing.

Be Personal, Not Salesy

To develop healthy communication, you will have to post personal and result-driven content. You should not talk at your patients. Instead, you will have to talk to them. Also, motivate your team to answer all their queries regularly. You need to maintain brand consistency throughout to get better exposure. Also, use your logo as the profile picture so that your visitors will be familiar with the logo. You should not try to sell always. Make it communicative and try to create a balance between professionalism and personal communication. You should always remember that people will never prefer promotional content. They will appreciate more if they can communicate with content and you.

Stay Active

While using social media, you will have to be active. You will have to set goals and set a time to post. You can post every day or three to four times per week. Be particular about the posting. Plan ahead and be open to positive and negative comments. Make sure that your contents are simple and easy to go through. Also, you need to answer their queries and concerns in every post. It will offer better visibility and your visitors will not hesitate to comment on your post when they will get an immediate response.

Ideas for Dental Social Media


You cannot overlook Facebook when it comes to social media. All the categories of people use Facebook and it is the best way to promote your dental practice. You can simply create your business profile and then you can start promoting your profession. You can post images and videos and share the feedback of your patients.


You can also use Twitter. However, the process will be a bit time-consuming. You need to follow industry leaders, your patients, and related organizations to get some benefits. Keep trying and be regular to achieve the desired success.


You can consider setting up a Google+ business page. You can take the help of experts to use Google+. It will enable you to have separate circles of followers including collogues, patients,  local businesses, and industry leaders.


Instagram can be helpful when you are already successful with a cool-looking office. You will need some special perks for easy communication. As it is mainly visual, you need to focus on visual content.

You Tube

You can consider using YouTube Videos to enable your patients to know more about your practice and the experience of your patients. Be realistic and genuine while uploading videos.

Wrapping Up

Dental social media can offer you the exposure you are looking for. You do not need to spend a huge amount of time on social media marketing. Instead, you will have to act smart and plan intelligently to ensure maximum patient engagement.