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Organically ranking your website #1 for google’s search results is the key for any local dental office to succeed. Search engine optimization (SEO) for your website crucial if your dental office is located in a highly competitive area. Even if you are the best dentist in your area, nobody will know the quality of your dental work if your not easily visible on search engines.

If you just opened a new dental office, SEO is a requirement. We know it’s expensive to open a new dental office and many startups make the mistake of lowering their marketing budget to maintain office expenses. This is when you need SEO the most, to make your office readily visible so people can easily find you!


Local SEO increases business value

It’s important to understand how SEO benefits your dental practice. We all know that an amazing dental office located in the middle of the desert is bad for business and a terrible dental practice in a great location is equally as bad for business. Your dental website is your digital real estate and the visibility of your website is determined by your google ranking. We create amazing dental websites and rank it #1 in google with our dental SEO techniques.

It’s worth investing in your digital real estate (website) by having your website rank on the first page of google. This will increase the value of your dental office and your website. This will also help you down the road if you consider to sell your dental practice, plan ahead and invest in what is best for your dental office


Best ROI for long term success

Don’t make the mistake of using pay-per-click as a substitute for SEO, pay-per-click alone will quickly burn through your marketing budget. SEO will provide you the best value and return on investment for your dental practice in the long term. The only downfall on performing SEO with your office is that it may take months or even a year to see results, depending on how competitive your area is.

Although you will not receive immediate results, it’s important to not underestimate the value of SEO. We provide quality SEO services that will best rank your website & track your ranking so you can see your progress with our analytical reports. Don’t listen to marketers that say they can rank you quickly, ranking your dental website fast can get you penalized & removed by google.