Have a strong reputation online

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    Replying to any positive or negative reviews is time consuming, well at least it should be. Just let us do it for you.

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    Replying to your reviews is great trust builder for prospecting patients, show them that you care about what your current patients have to say.

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    Be on top of all your reviews, especially the negative reviews. Ignoring negative feedback is very bad for business.


Let us monitor your reviews & ratings

Get a reputation manager to monitor & respond to all of your online reviews, even if it’s just to say thanks. Show people that you care about your patients feedback. We’ll also suppress fake reviews that are not written by your patient. And see your review progress with our analytical reports

Get your office listed on popular local directories

We manage your local listings and add your dental office information on all local directories. Have accurate information of your dental office listed, if you decide to change you office’s phone number, we will make the edits for you on 40+ local directories so you don’t have to.

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