Be at the top of search results with a pay-per-click advertisements

Need to get new patients faster? Have our dental marketing experts design, write, optimize & manage your google pay-per-click ads and start getting calls the next day.

Be on top of your competitors


Your losing patients to your competitors everyday for not being on top. Increase your visibility by placing ads on top of google’s search results


Getting more clicks to your website is a way of getting your foot in the door with prospecting patients.


Generally, prospecting patients that click on your website are more likely to call your dental office. So it’s important to invest in being #1.


Campaigns that converts

A properly optimized & managed PPC campaign is the right track for success. Maximize your PPC campaign with our experienced advertising and writing team to create high converting campaigns. Your dedicated account manager will set up and regulate your campaign for you, so you can focus on being a dentist.


Run top listing ads on Google

Be on top of the largest search engine in the world for relevant keywords in your area. Only pay for when someone clicks on your ad and have your ad place for dental related keywords. After your PPC campaign is set up, see your analytical report of the ad campaign and see the return on investment in front of you.

Google loves trustworthy and reputable websites, so if you have a website that is search engine optimized (SEO) they will lower the cost per click just for your website.


Stop paying for competitor clicks & fraudulent clicks

Get the most out of your marketing dollars, don’t let your competitors or fraudsters drain your ad budget. We’ll help you avoid paying for any spam/fraudulent related clicks by constantly blocking any suspicious IP addresses to ensure your marketing dollars are devoted to real prospecting patients.

Why Do You Need PPC ads?

We’ll ensure that you get the best results out of your marketing dollars.

Comptitor Analysis

We continually improve our campaigns, we’ll analyze your competitors PPC campaign and see what works. Then we will create a better campaign for you

Keyword Targeting

We’ll only target keywords that are relevant to your dental services and we’ll constantly analyze & optimize keywords to drive more success.

Neighboring cities ad

Place PPC campaigns in neighboring cities where you don’t show up naturally on google’s search results.

Quick ROI

PPC campaigns will give you the fastest ROI, if done properly. A dedicated account manager will set it up & optimize it for you.