Targeted Facebook ads helps attract more patients with precision.

Increase new ptient flow & brand awareness by utilizing the top social media platforms in the world. With our advertisement team, you can precisely target your ideal patient.

Build awareness on the world’s biggest platform


Top of the mind awareness is key, put facebook ads to be the first dentist that everybody thinks of when they need treatment.


If you don’t have a great social media presence than your competing dental office’s, you’re losing the game.


Social reputation is everything, people research which dental office to go to. Your losing patients if you have a poor social media presence.


Hypertarget the patients you want to have. Don’t waste money on “boost” posts, send relevant dental service ads to the right audience.


Hypertargeting facebook ads

Promote your services to the right audience, don’t send dental implant ads to bunch of teenagers in a different state. Our team is able to hypertarget patients by their location, age, gender, income, and so much more. Don’t waste your money on the wrong audience, rely on our advertisement team to maximize your marketing money.

Retarget website visitors

Don’t let patients slip through the cracks, many people bounce around different websites and later forget what they searched. Retargeting ads allows you promote your facebook ads to anybody who has visited your website. This allows you promote your office to people that are highly interested dental services and are more likely to take action.


Facebook funnel campaign

What happens after people see your facebook ad? Our ad campaigns are very dynamic and efficient. People who click on your ad will have the option to enter their email to receive a promotional offer. Then we enter those emails in our email drip campaign to inform them on other promotions you will have in the future.

Non-invasive marketing

Don’t waste your money, we don’t over advertise or flood people’s emails about your practice. We limit the amount of views seen by a single person per ad and we limit our emails distribution to people who actually opens them. This allows us to efficiently spend every penny of your hard earned marketing money.