Receive analytical reports to track your progress

Sleep comfortably in know that your marketing money is being well spent. Instead of blind trust, you will see the progress in your dental office with our analytical reports.

Why 330 Direct gives you the upperhand


Our analytical reports has everything you need to be aware of your marketing and make the right decisions to grow your dental office.


See month-to-month improvements with our marketing efforts and easily compare one period to the next and see what’s improving.


With our marketing tools & resources by your side in one company, saves you an incredible amount of time and money.


Track your marketing through our client dashboard

Our client’s dashboard makes it simple and easy to see in real-time your analytical reporting across our marketing strategy. From here, it is easy to analyze and learn the importance between different marketing strategies & how it all plays a part in growing your dental practice.


Recieve monthly analytical reports

In a dental office, staying updated and aware of your business performance is essential to growing your dental practice. With our monthly analytical reporting, we view your office as one of our own and improve areas that needs attention. We provide analytical reports that will give you an understanding of your marketing dollars, so you don’t have to blindly trust us with your dental office. This will give the peace of mind you need and focus on performing great dentistry.

Here’s a list of some of our report tracking tools

Everything you need in a single marketing company. We help you keep track of essential metrics and stay updated with current marketing strategies


Overview Report

Get an aerial perspective of all your different marketing campaigns and how they are progressing with our analytical reports.

Social Media Report

Keep track on your social media presence and see your audience grow. Check what posts works and what doesn’t.

Devices Report

See your web performance across different devices such as tablet, mobile and desktop. What do your patients use the most?


SEO Report

Check your google ranking for top searched keywords in your area and see the results as you climb to the top of the 1st page.

Ad Campaign Report

Monitor your ad campaigns and analyze what works. See results from split testing marketing campaigns and replicate high performing ads.

Call Tracking Report

See how many calls you are getting and where they are coming from. Listen back to recorded calls the evaluate your front desk performance.