The teeth are the most vital part of our body as it not only makes chewing easy for us but it also enhances the beauty of the face. In the current era, dental problems have become a major concern for the majority of people. With people becoming more inclined towards having fast foods, the problem of pain and cavity in the tooth have also increased. To combat your dental problems you must go up to a good dentist. There are many dentists but good ones are really rare.

Dental marketing is something which is not much appreciated and is frowned upon because no one likes watching ads and videos related to plague and bad tooth. But dental marketing is very important, both for the dentists as well as for people. With the advancement in digital marketing, social media marketing has gained immense popularity. Marketing using the Facebook application has become a popular way of marketing because millions of people, all across the globe are using this social media site.

As we all know that there are thousands of dentists everywhere and almost everyone knows about marketing via Facebook. So, to outrank others, you will have to create ads which are different from others. In this article, we will help you gain a competitive advantage by creating a unique ad for your dental company on Facebook. To help you out, we have compiled 9 tips to create promising dental facebook ads which would help you grow as a dentist.

Facebook ad tips for dentists

1. Create an ad for your target audience

The first tip for creating an appealing Facebook ad is to create an ad which is not vague but is focused and is directed towards your target audience. You first need to choose your target audience and then you will have to think about what are their interests. After thinking about it, you will have to create an ad which must appeal to them. For example, if you are working for a highly reputed dental company and the fees of dentists is way too high there then your target audience will be demographic which earns relatively higher than the average. So, you must customize the ad accordingly. You can take the help of Facebook targeting tool to do this.

2. Make an appealing ad copy

Making an ad copy can be the most daunting task. You must make an ad copy which appeals your target audience. When you are writing your ad copy, you must keep one thing in mind that is what makes your practice different and unique. You must make an ad copy in such a way that it directly conveys your intentions to the audience and they are persuaded to choose you like your dentist. You must customize your message and content of the message so that new customers are attracted towards you.

3. Write a catchy tagline

The third important tip to create a good Facebook advertisement and garner the attention of mass you must put a nice and catchy headline or tagline with your advertisement. Talking from the perspective of a viewer, a person will open dental Facebook ads only when they have some catchy headline or tagline on it. If there is no catchy headline or tagline then it wonâ??t appeal people and they will scroll down your ad.

4. Call to action buttons

Imagine a person has seen your ad and is suffering from any dental problem. They open your ad but there is no call to action button or the call to action button is not properly linked. They will be frustrated and will not call you, instead they will call some other dentist. So, what is important is that you have a call to action button and it must be properly linked. After linking it, it is recommended to check whether your call to action button is working or not.

5. Use different ad types

Facebook encourages creativity. It provides the advertisers with a plethora of ad types and they can choose an ad type that they like and show their creativity. You must find an ad type that will appeal to your target audience. You can try a carousel ad that allows you to show multiple images or you can even choose a video ad and post a good video about your office.

6. Feature your staffs in your ad

The next tip is that you can feature the different staff who work in your organization or dental hospital into the Facebook ad. They can promote your organization by talking about their professional skills which shows how much trained they are. It is Facebook so showing more faces in your ad might help you promote your business effectively.

7. Feature happy patients in your ad

There is nothing better than a patient who has solved their dental problems from you making an appeal to other patients who are suffering from the same or similar dental problems. If you can manage taking videos of some of your happy patients and ask them to give honest reviews about their experience with you and how you were as a dentist then this might garner some patients for you.

8. Making seasonal campaigns

You can make seasonal campaigns by posting advertisement prior to some tournament and cajole people to get their dental checkups before the tournaments. You can even put in your advertisements that you are open till late so that people who are working they do not have to miss their office and come after their office to meet you. By strategizing while creating an ad can prove to be effective and can garner a lot of patients for you.

9. Offering a free service or product

People definitely choose places where they get something for free and the rule doesnâ??t change for a dentist even. If you are a dentist and you want to attract more patients then you can offer something for free for your patients. You can offer a free service or a free product like a tooth whitening kit or anything of the same sort.


In this competitive world, if you being a dentist want to succeed and outrank your competitors, then you must be really good at selling your skills. You must advertise your skills is a different and unique way so that you can garner the attention of maximum patients. To create appealing dental facebook ads you must consider the aforesaid tips while making your ad. So, create a Facebook ad now and expand your dental clientele.