When you are starting in this decade as a dentist and fortunately your clinic is overflowing with new patients, you still need some marketing strategies. Even when your business isn’t seeing that much light, you need to improve your marketing strategies as soon as possible. It’s a known fact that dentists are lagging behind when it comes to marketing, this is the reason so many clinics are closing.

To avoid this kind of situation, every dentist needs to adopt some marketing strategies that will increase their popularity and flow of patients as well. Here, you can check out the marketing tips that you can follow in this year of 2020.

1. A better presence in social media

If you are in the profession of being a dentist then you must have seen how people from the same profession gathering their ads on the social media platform, and it can be Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest. These platforms are efficient enough to get more interested and target people to your doorstep. These are helping tools that offer free live videos, carousels, image and content posting, which are perfect for marketing strategies.

You have to focus on gaining more reviews, comments, and likes. On Instagram, you can go for promotional content, with educational information, let people know about the operational hours you have in your clinic. This is one of the main dental Marketing strategies as a dentist you can follow.

2. Engaging videos

Like any business, your dental clinic needs its authenticity and that will not come easily, you have to make people realize that you are genuine and this will make them visit your place. To achieve this part you can always make some good videos about your practice. Let people know about your mission, and vision, how your staff works, what is your goal, you opt for the ultimate satisfaction of your clients.

Go for a behind the curtain show displaying how you work with patients, the care you give, the facilities and so on. This will be a preview to target customers and if the video is that engaging they will surely take appointments from you. You can also send a personal email with the link of the video to customers.

3. Digital friends

This age is of smartphones and almost everything is going digital. So, in this time you must never ignore the power of digital services like voice search. If you are looking into SEO techniques you will find voice search is one of the most popular and well-used systems among so many tech-savvy people. Customers no longer like to type out their queries on phone, when they can convey their questions through voice.

It will be better if you go for implementing the voice search service with your site or ad. This will attract customers more towards your business. Also, Google has its own service which helps people in their needs. You have to learn how this thing works and implement it for more appointment calls, and information.

4. Mobile friendly website design

If you have a website and that is not user-friendly you will not see an increase in the flow of patients or you will not be able to manage the overflow as well. As you already know that smartphones are ruling the world, and people love to get engaged with business through that device all the time rather than opening their laptop or computer. This is because mobile stays at hand, and it’s easier to book appointments, tickets, buy something through it when you are on the go.

So, realizing the importance of smartphones, you have to optimize your dental clinic site and make it mobile-friendly too. Also, must not forget to update the new facilities, offers, and promotions on the mobile site, so people can take a look at it and give you a call.

5. Get more reviews

Search engines these days are filled with reviews of various companies and their businesses. You, will find some are good and some are not up to the mark. Based on these reviews most people make their decision. So, your task is to gain more 5-star ones. To have this, ask your patients and clients to give reviews after they render service from you. When they give you a 4.7 rating you will get a better business opportunity. As 84% of people trust the online reviews from others, so, your popularity is in the hands of your customers, plan it nicely.

6. Local marketing

This is also important when you are in the dentist’s business. Get hooked with Google page for business, and set your work there. This will help people find you in the local areas. They can find your site through that and can call to book appointments.

7. SMS and email marketing

These are another way of an SEO marketing strategy for dentists. As the rage of the internet is there, you can always make use of that with email marketing. You will have to create a directory of patient emails and make sure to send them notifications periodically. You can put offers like teeth whitening, oral cosmetic products and so on.

The same goes for SMS, here you can send text messages with the link of the offers and discounts you are providing them. You can use, ‘Only for you’, ‘Limited time offer’, kind of notes in there. Most of the SMSs are opened within 3 minutes after they are received so, you must stay assured that your message is conveyed to the potential customers.

8. Personalization

Make your approach personalized so that people get involved with you emotionally. You can send custom birthday cards, reminders of appointments, ads and so on. Personalization in the dentist profession will get you more importance when you address your customers by their names and provide them discounts and offers based on individual needs.

9. SEO for dentists

Search engine optimization is always necessary as this allows your business to achieve the top rank on search engines like Google. This prompts the patients to find you on the search results, and your name will come first. Learning the techniques of SEO will help you more in the business.

The strategies are changing every year for the dentist profession. As the new rules of Google algorithm, you have to optimize your dental Marketing strategies perfectly. An effective approach will always help you to manage your patients and get better ROIs.