Are you having trouble improving your dental website ranking? Do you want to know which changes can bring positive results? All the businesses are trying hard to decode the secrets of high ranking. They are implementing different strategies to dominate the industry and get better exposure. However, dental websites keep struggling to secure their place on Google.

You can blame marketing strategies. You might need some improvements in marketing to secure your place on the first page of Google. Also, you will have to avoid some mistakes that many people do to get a better ranking. However, these things work adversely and cause low dental website ranking. In this article, we will focus on six key mistakes that you might be doing. Go through the following to know the mistakes and find ways to convert them into positive results.

1.Duplicate Content

Are you aware of the duplicate content? Do you know duplicate content will not be appreciated either by a search engine or your target? Google can easily notice duplicate content. If your website has duplicate content, then first you will have to make it genuine. You might be thinking that how to find out the duplicate content. This is easy and you can simply use the duplicate content checker to know the percentage of duplicate on a particular page. You can check the content without any expertise. It is always suggested to avoid duplicate content. Instead, you can use simple and powerful content to create a specific identity for your website. If you are unable to create genuine content, you can consider taking the help of content writers.

2.Not Registering with Google My Business

When you do not register with Google My Business, you cannot expect some benefits of Google. This is easy and free of cost. But it can be effective to optimize your website and boost your dental website ranking. Needless to mention, Google takes the quickest and easiest route to find and deliver content. If you choose Google My Business option, it will tell Google that you are concerned about the ranking and your website is also up-to-date. Google normally prioritize businesses that choose Google My Business option. You can easily create an account to get this benefit. All you need to do is to go to Google My Business Page and then find and click on the start button. You will get further instructions. This is an easy way to boost your ranking without any cost. After registration, you can add special offers, collect reviews, and show your clinic address as well.

3.Ignoring Social Media

In the current condition, no business can prosper and get the desired exposure without social media. However, many dental businesses ignore this and do not spend time on social media. It is not about opening an account only. You will have to be active on social media to get more internet traffic to your website. Make sure that you are spending time to update the content and to answer the queries of followers. It is easy to boost SEO by using social media. You need to follow a few principles while using social media. Stay active and always satisfy your followers with genuine and updated content. Google normally uses social signals to know about a website. Social signals help Google to know which website is stagnant and which one is active.

4.Not Consistent About Content

Consistency is a must to get a high Google ranking. If you will prefer to write only now and then, then it might not help you much to get the desired exposure. Many dentists sometimes publish posts and occasionally upload videos. This approach does not help them to claim their spot in Google ranking. Instead of posting every now and then, you can set a particular time. You can publish once a week or three to four times a week. You will have to maintain consistency so that your followers can expect the content at a particular time. It is better to create more and genuine content. If you are a beginner, it might take longer to create, edit, and publish content. If you are having difficulties to post every day, you can post twice in a week. However, you will have to maintain the consistency to secure your place on Google.

5.Not Considering Mobile-friendly Design

We are living in the world of smartphone. Just imagine how you can expect a better exposure and high ranking if your website lacks the basics. Yes, now the mobile-friendly design is considered as the basics to reach a larger level of the audience. Even if you are registered with Google My Business and using only quality content, you will not be able to secure your place on Google search engine without a mobile-friendly website. The reason is that modern users mostly use their smart devices to gather information about a service. If your website is not mobile-friendly, they cannot easily access the data. As a result, they will consider your competitors. So, it is important to choose a mobile-friendly design to satisfy all the visitors.

6.Taking Longer to Load

If your website is too slow, there is every possibility that you will get lower dental website ranking. The modern users are fast and they will not wait more than ten seconds. When your website takes more than ten seconds, they are not going to wait. More importantly, they will not consider visiting your website again. You will have to ensure fast loading to get more traffic for your website. Google gives better ranking to faster loading websites. Even a few seconds can make a great difference. Some features might cause slow loading. You will have to find out the causes and fix them fast to expect a better outcome.

Wrapping Up

These are a few things you can consider to boost your dental website ranking. You need to focus on genuine content, high load speed, and mobile-friendly design to claim your spot on Google search engine. Use social media and update your content regularly to win the trust of your visitors as well as Google.