9 Dental Marketing Strategies in 2020

When you are starting in this decade as a dentist and fortunately your clinic is overflowing with new patients, you still need some marketing strategies. Even when your business isn’t seeing that much light, you need to improve your marketing strategies as soon as possible. It’s a known fact that dentists are lagging behind when it comes to marketing, this is the reason so many clinics are closing.

To avoid this kind of situation, every dentist needs to adopt some marketing strategies that will increase their popularity and flow of patients as well. Here, you can check out the marketing tips that you can follow in this year of 2020.

1. A better presence in social media

If you are in the profession of being a dentist then you must have seen how people from the same profession gathering their ads on the social media platform, and it can be Instagram, Facebook, or Pinterest. These platforms are efficient enough to get more interested and target people to your doorstep. These are helping tools that offer free live videos, carousels, image and content posting, which are perfect for marketing strategies.

You have to focus on gaining more reviews, comments, and likes. On Instagram, you can go for promotional content, with educational information, let people know about the operational hours you have in your clinic. This is one of the main dental Marketing strategies as a dentist you can follow.

2. Engaging videos

Like any business, your dental clinic needs its authenticity and that will not come easily, you have to make people realize that you are genuine and this will make them visit your place. To achieve this part you can always make some good videos about your practice. Let people know about your mission, and vision, how your staff works, what is your goal, you opt for the ultimate satisfaction of your clients.

Go for a behind the curtain show displaying how you work with patients, the care you give, the facilities and so on. This will be a preview to target customers and if the video is that engaging they will surely take appointments from you. You can also send a personal email with the link of the video to customers.

3. Digital friends

This age is of smartphones and almost everything is going digital. So, in this time you must never ignore the power of digital services like voice search. If you are looking into SEO techniques you will find voice search is one of the most popular and well-used systems among so many tech-savvy people. Customers no longer like to type out their queries on phone, when they can convey their questions through voice.

It will be better if you go for implementing the voice search service with your site or ad. This will attract customers more towards your business. Also, Google has its own service which helps people in their needs. You have to learn how this thing works and implement it for more appointment calls, and information.

4. Mobile friendly website design

If you have a website and that is not user-friendly you will not see an increase in the flow of patients or you will not be able to manage the overflow as well. As you already know that smartphones are ruling the world, and people love to get engaged with business through that device all the time rather than opening their laptop or computer. This is because mobile stays at hand, and it’s easier to book appointments, tickets, buy something through it when you are on the go.

So, realizing the importance of smartphones, you have to optimize your dental clinic site and make it mobile-friendly too. Also, must not forget to update the new facilities, offers, and promotions on the mobile site, so people can take a look at it and give you a call.

5. Get more reviews

Search engines these days are filled with reviews of various companies and their businesses. You, will find some are good and some are not up to the mark. Based on these reviews most people make their decision. So, your task is to gain more 5-star ones. To have this, ask your patients and clients to give reviews after they render service from you. When they give you a 4.7 rating you will get a better business opportunity. As 84% of people trust the online reviews from others, so, your popularity is in the hands of your customers, plan it nicely.

6. Local marketing

This is also important when you are in the dentist’s business. Get hooked with Google page for business, and set your work there. This will help people find you in the local areas. They can find your site through that and can call to book appointments.

7. SMS and email marketing

These are another way of an SEO marketing strategy for dentists. As the rage of the internet is there, you can always make use of that with email marketing. You will have to create a directory of patient emails and make sure to send them notifications periodically. You can put offers like teeth whitening, oral cosmetic products and so on.

The same goes for SMS, here you can send text messages with the link of the offers and discounts you are providing them. You can use, ‘Only for you’, ‘Limited time offer’, kind of notes in there. Most of the SMSs are opened within 3 minutes after they are received so, you must stay assured that your message is conveyed to the potential customers.

8. Personalization

Make your approach personalized so that people get involved with you emotionally. You can send custom birthday cards, reminders of appointments, ads and so on. Personalization in the dentist profession will get you more importance when you address your customers by their names and provide them discounts and offers based on individual needs.

9. SEO for dentists

Search engine optimization is always necessary as this allows your business to achieve the top rank on search engines like Google. This prompts the patients to find you on the search results, and your name will come first. Learning the techniques of SEO will help you more in the business.

The strategies are changing every year for the dentist profession. As the new rules of Google algorithm, you have to optimize your dental Marketing strategies perfectly. An effective approach will always help you to manage your patients and get better ROIs.

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Dental Web Design Tips That You Should Know

Are you wondering about how you can make an excellent dental web design to drive more traffic? The constantly evolving world of competitive dental marketing makes it hard for dentists with little or no experience at all to spearhead this vital initiative. However, it’s all about the first impression! A dental website design that is consistent, simple but unique, and SEO optimized is a surefire way to grow your business. Here are effective dental website design strategies that will, in no time, drive more traffic towards your direction.

Optimize the user experience

You not only want to attract targeted audience to your website but also make them stick around long enough, exploring it and, most importantly, take action. For excellent user experience:

  • make your website’s navigation natural and intuitive, where visitors will quickly find every piece of information or service on the website.
  • provide contact information, particularly phone number, email address, including the physical address of your business.
  • put across ‘easy on the eyes’ visuals that will never at any point, distract or clutter your site.

Besides, be aware that most users will be accessing your website from mobile or tablet devices. Therefore, consider creating a website that is mobile-friendly, loads very fast, and appears excellent. You can use a responsive website design that allows your site to adapt to any device a visitor or patient uses. As mentioned earlier, visitors will spend more time on an easy-to-use website, and after learning more about the services offered, they will most likely take action.

Use real pictures

You want to put across authentic pictures that clearly portray more about your business and services provided. For instance, if you specialize in pediatrics, displaying a picture of a smiling kid with healthy teeth will definitely grab the attention of parents searching for their children’s dentist. A well-represented dental practice requires a few images to showcase your expertise. Never display stock  images as they will seem to clutter your website, leave more white space on the site.

You can get a bit realistic and take photos with your patients’ permission in order to use real images for advertising your services. In fact, pictures of patients interacting with dentists in your practice will help not only build trust with your site visitors but also incite them to ‘wanting’ your services.

Content is everything

You want to include concise, clear, engaging, and creatively made content. Be sure to show professionalism and expertise in the dental industry if you really want to turn visitors into prospective patients. Remember that most folks these days skim rather than read when looking for helpful and most relevant information on any website. So including explicit and straightforward, but unique content is of utmost importance.

Moreover, you should include a few dental blogs on your website. These blogs will keep your site dynamic as well as demonstrate your professionalism and expertise by offering the most relevant and helpful information. Remember to customize your content to enhance readability.

Show that you’re credible and trustworthy

Demonstrating credibility and trustworthiness will definitely turn every visitor to your dental website into prospect patients. But how can you enhance this?

  • Make a clear list of all the services you offer
  • Show happy and satisfied patients in images or videos
  • Add an FAQ section to address most usual questions
  • Consider adding customer reviews or testimonials: showcase a handful of chosen positive reviews from satisfied and happy patients that best reflect both your dental practice and quality of services you offer.

Website optimization

Even though you substantially invested in unique content, images, and best user experience, you as well have to make sure your website ranks high in search engines. Your website (and everything in it) won’t matter if individuals can’t find it the moment they type ‘dentist near me.’ For this reason, you should invest in SEO also. Be sure to use unique and straightforward keywords and phrases to ensure your dental website is highly ranked in organic search engine results. You want to appear first on search engine results whenever patients search in Google for nearby dental services.

Establish a purpose-driven dental website design

In the first place, what is the essence of your dental website? What precisely do you want prospective patients to do or ask themselves the moment they visit your website? If you really want visitors to call you or book an appointment, then make it easy and clear. Also, this can be facilitated by using plenty of CTAs (call to action) and skillfully lead your traffic to where you want them to be as well as influence their actions. Ensure that your dental web design encourages a user to reach you by creating outstanding content, great-looking contact page together with an appointment booking page easily accessed by visitors.

Be unique

What makes you the best when it comes to offering dental services in your locality? Whatever characters or services that make you stand out the best should be both advertised and promoted consistently on ever channel inclusive of social media, newsletters not to forget brochures. No matter the competition around your geographical location, maximize on what makes you and your services unique.

Offer value

If your website doesn’t have high-quality and engaging service pages, you are making a huge mistake. Improving your dental business calls for giving potential clients lots of knowledge about what precisely you can deliver and how experienced you’re when it comes to achieving it.

The more relevant and valuable information you offer to your dental site visitors, the more the conversion to customers. Therefore, consider adding a separate page to publish articles, blog posts, and videos that describe particular dental procedures your practice offers. This will ultimately assist prospective future customers to understand what to expect and how it will be done correctly.

Final thoughts

Effective dental web design is a vital tool to grow a business. So keep the above tips on top of mind the moment you think of designing your dental website. Don’t just think web design, think about customers taking action because of how unique and experienced you are.

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Dental Marketing Plan Made Easy

Are you having trouble in grabbing the attention of potential patients? Do you want some proven marketing strategies to dominate the industry and to create your brand identity? Many dentists find it hard to design and implement an effective dental marketing plan. As they do not know how to start and where to start, they keep speculating about different marketing strategies and do not get any success without proper planning.

In this competitive world, you cannot succeed without proven marketing strategies. You will need better exposure and brand identity to reach and inspire your targets. The first step towards this direction is a dental marketing plan. A marketing plan cannot be designed within a day. It needs proper research to know your focus area and your targets. If you want to get long-term benefits, you will have to give your time and effort in the initial days.

Are you looking for some help to design your dental marketing plan? If yes, you can consider going through the following. It will help you with step-by-step instructions for easy implementation. Let’??s start to design your dental marketing plan.

Create Your Brand Identity

Most dentists focus on marketing strategies without creating brand identity. The brand identity should be the first step towards success. So, before deciding on strategies, you will have to create a brand identity. For your identity, you will have to understand your uniqueness and how you can prove yourself in this competitive industry. You need to understand what makes you different from your competitors and why patients will prefer you over others. You will have to get the answers to all these to create your brand identity. Once you know your distinct qualities, it will be easier to get better exposure and create a brand identity.

Know Your Target

Your targets will decide your success and can help you to reach a wider level of the audience. Once you create your brand identity, the next is to identify your targets and their specific concerns. For example, if your target is a certain age group or certain conditions, you will have to plan strategies accordingly. When you treat babies and kids, you will have to understand the mentality and concerns of their parents. Your strategy should satisfy their curious mind. They will certainly like a reliable and healthy environment to treat their kids. When it is about cosmetic surgeries, you will have to act completely different. The concerns will be different and you should know how to answer their queries and motivate them to choose your service.

Be Aware of the Competition

As said by experts, if you want to dominate the industry, you will have to first research on your competitors. This will help you to know the industry better. You can learn from their strategies. Go through every detail including the patients, strategies, pricing, and even branding. You should not research only on the successful ones. At the same time, you should research on the less successful professionals to know the causes of their failure. You can learn from both successes and failures and then you can design your dental marketing plan accordingly.

Focus on the Value Proposition

Once you know your targets, you can research your competitors to know what they are doing and how you can divert the attention of their targets. Plan something that will make you different from others. For example, cosmetic dentists are known for improving the smile.  Every cosmetic dentist can do this job. But what will make you different? You will have to think from this angle. You can prove yourself better with less expensive options without compromising the quality. When it comes to the pediatric dentist, you can customize the treatment depending on the specific needs of the child. These things make a great difference and create a trustworthy environment. The key is to create different value propositions for your audiences to make your dental service appealing to them. Remember that value propositions can be very effective to contribute to your success.

Estimate Your Budget

Do you have a budget for your dental marketing plan? How much can you afford? Many dentists do not plan the budget. They just plan the strategies without bothering much about the budget. In the end, they might find it hard to implement all the strategies in the absence of adequate funds. So, first, evaluate the budget and then you can decide the strategy. While evaluating your budget, you need to go through the estimate acquisition cost of customers to know the expected profit.

Choose the Right Methods & Platforms

After going through all these, the next is to choose the right platform and method to reach your target. You can consider both paid and free options. When it comes to the paid options, you can spend on creating postcards and flyers to get in touch with your local community. Also, you can try Google AdWords or Facebook Ads to reach a larger level of the audience. For free options, you can try content marketing, social media marketing, and even SEO. A little research is a must to get the desired exposure.

Run Campaigns

Now you know the platforms where you can promote your dental service. The next is how to get the maximum benefits from these platforms. For this, you will have to focus on the CTAs. You can hire experienced marketers and copywriters to help you to reach your target with quality content and proven strategies.

Track Campaigns

You will have to track your campaigns to know which strategies are working and which one needs improvement. You can measure the key metrics by using Google Analytics. This will be easier for online marketing strategies. You can use Facebook Insights, Adwords Manager, and Google Analytics to track your targets. You can also interact with your patients to know the areas of improvement.

Wrapping Up

A dental marketing plan should be always target-oriented. If you want to outperform your competitors, you will have to design a well-researched marketing plan. You can work with experts to ensure long-term benefits and to adjust the strategy depending on the changing demands of the markets.

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Dental SEO Vs PPC

Online marketing is increasingly becoming a necessity — more so for local businesses such as dental clinics. This trend is unlikely to reverse. The bulk of new patients would indeed come from mailers, insurance companies, and patient referrals. But any dental marketing would be incomplete if inbound digital channels like PPC (Pay Per Click) and SEO (Search Engine Optimization) are not incorporated in the strategy. Your marketing goals and budget would determine if SEO, PPC, or both are necessary for a comprehensive marketing plan for your dental clinic.

What can SEO do ?

SEO is the abbreviated form of Search Engine Optimization, a passive variant of online marketing that aims to generate organic traffic to a website by improving and promoting it. Websites that are more optimized for search rankings generate more organic traffic and consequently, more number of these visitors can convert to appointments.

Your objective may be to have exhaustive information about the dental services and practices that you offer to be readily available both to potential and returning patients throughout the buying process.

How good is your SEO?

There can’t be a definitive answer to this question as optimization is a process that does not have a real boundary. A more relevant question would be: to what extent is your SEO doing its job?

If you are keeping track of how patients are coming to you and you find that a majority of them are coming to you because they found you in online search results and the online information provided by you was sufficient and encouraging, you know your SEO is doing a good job, at least for now.

But you should remember that SEO is a long-term engagement that needs to be sustained through continuous maintenance and improvement of the website. Otherwise, the site will stagnate and develop errors. This would affect your website’s prospects in local search results. On the Internet, sites are always on the move, either they are moving forward or falling behind. As a dental clinic out to increase your business, you can’t afford to fall behind others.

This brings us to a more relevant topic: Dental SEO vs PPC.

Internet advertising Pay-per-click is employed to drive visitors to websites. In this model, an advertiser pays the hosting websites every time the ad is clicked. This is a paid advertising to drive traffic to your website. This is different from SEO which is essentially a continuous process of improvement and enhancement of the website so that it ranks higher in search engine results such as on Google.

Factors that make for good SEO

There are hundreds of factors that determine what good SEO is. But we can narrow down the best SEO practices to a few more notable ones which include the following:

Strong Branding

A dental office to become successful needs to match its objectives with the target audience. Its services should align with the needs of the community. It requires strong branding both in appearance and marketing communications.


High-quality relevant content assures your website will figure at the top of the search results. Low intent keywords make the website more functional and useful ? why people will like to visit this site. A monthly blog post can make the site look updated and relevant.


If your dental website is more than 3 years old, it’s time for a new-look website. You should also consider securing it with an SSL certificate. Try to make it error-free and mobile-friendly.


You should ensure that your contact details are consistent and uniform across your online presence, especially on Google My Business listing. This helps your patients find you more easily.

Link Building

Link building or backlinking is another important SEO tool that makes your website feature in the top slot in search results. Backlinks are the links of your website on other’s website. So, your website is referred to even when a visitor is on somebody else’s website.

Customer Reviews

A customer review is trusted more than an advertisement. So when a patient who has got treatment at your dental clinic makes a recommendation for your services, his family and friends as well as stray visitors find it a more trustworthy recommendation. You should collect all these customer reviews and post them under the testimonial section on your website. However, a critical online review can damage your reputation. You can seek professional help to build your online reputation including customer review management.

User Behaviors

Apart from patient reviews, other customer behaviors can also have a bearing on the SEO of your website. Prominent among these behaviors are social media behaviors that include ‘like’ and ‘shares’.

While most of these SEO components can be fixed and optimized by your SEO team, certain other things have a significant bearing on the practice of your dental clinic but your SEO team may not have control over them. For example, the physical location of your dental clinic could be an issue that is outside the realm of your SEO team.

Dental SEO vs PPC 

You don’t need to be a digital marketing geek to understand and guide the digital campaign of your dental clinic.

The most significant objective of your dental clinic’s digital marketing campaign is to generate data and information that you can easily understand and use. If your agency is providing information that is not clear enough, it means that your campaign has some under-executed or underperforming heads. You should ask your digital marketing agency to make those heads work more sensibly and provide you clear and transparent data and information that you can readily employ in real-time marketing.

Final Thoughts

There are ways you can examine and judge whether your digital marketing strategies are efficiently improving the SEO of your dental practices.In a debate over Dental SEO vs PPC, the dental SEO offers better and more lasting results, which can be examined under the following heads. Here are some KPIs (key performance indicators):


If there is an increase of visitors from search engines to your site, the SEO of your website is seeing more traction.


If there is a significant improvement in phone calls or contact form submissions from visitors to your site, it indicates the SEO of your website is doing better. 


When your site ranks higher in search results for navigational or informational reasons, it’s a sign that the SEO is attracting more visitors to your site and it’s good.

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9 Facebook Ad Tips for Dentists

The teeth are the most vital part of our body as it not only makes chewing easy for us but it also enhances the beauty of the face. In the current era, dental problems have become a major concern for the majority of people. With people becoming more inclined towards having fast foods, the problem of pain and cavity in the tooth have also increased. To combat your dental problems you must go up to a good dentist. There are many dentists but good ones are really rare.

Dental marketing is something which is not much appreciated and is frowned upon because no one likes watching ads and videos related to plague and bad tooth. But dental marketing is very important, both for the dentists as well as for people. With the advancement in digital marketing, social media marketing has gained immense popularity. Marketing using the Facebook application has become a popular way of marketing because millions of people, all across the globe are using this social media site.

As we all know that there are thousands of dentists everywhere and almost everyone knows about marketing via Facebook. So, to outrank others, you will have to create ads which are different from others. In this article, we will help you gain a competitive advantage by creating a unique ad for your dental company on Facebook. To help you out, we have compiled 9 tips to create promising dental facebook ads which would help you grow as a dentist.

Facebook ad tips for dentists

1. Create an ad for your target audience

The first tip for creating an appealing Facebook ad is to create an ad which is not vague but is focused and is directed towards your target audience. You first need to choose your target audience and then you will have to think about what are their interests. After thinking about it, you will have to create an ad which must appeal to them. For example, if you are working for a highly reputed dental company and the fees of dentists is way too high there then your target audience will be demographic which earns relatively higher than the average. So, you must customize the ad accordingly. You can take the help of Facebook targeting tool to do this.

2. Make an appealing ad copy

Making an ad copy can be the most daunting task. You must make an ad copy which appeals your target audience. When you are writing your ad copy, you must keep one thing in mind that is what makes your practice different and unique. You must make an ad copy in such a way that it directly conveys your intentions to the audience and they are persuaded to choose you like your dentist. You must customize your message and content of the message so that new customers are attracted towards you.

3. Write a catchy tagline

The third important tip to create a good Facebook advertisement and garner the attention of mass you must put a nice and catchy headline or tagline with your advertisement. Talking from the perspective of a viewer, a person will open dental Facebook ads only when they have some catchy headline or tagline on it. If there is no catchy headline or tagline then it wonâ??t appeal people and they will scroll down your ad.

4. Call to action buttons

Imagine a person has seen your ad and is suffering from any dental problem. They open your ad but there is no call to action button or the call to action button is not properly linked. They will be frustrated and will not call you, instead they will call some other dentist. So, what is important is that you have a call to action button and it must be properly linked. After linking it, it is recommended to check whether your call to action button is working or not.

5. Use different ad types

Facebook encourages creativity. It provides the advertisers with a plethora of ad types and they can choose an ad type that they like and show their creativity. You must find an ad type that will appeal to your target audience. You can try a carousel ad that allows you to show multiple images or you can even choose a video ad and post a good video about your office.

6. Feature your staffs in your ad

The next tip is that you can feature the different staff who work in your organization or dental hospital into the Facebook ad. They can promote your organization by talking about their professional skills which shows how much trained they are. It is Facebook so showing more faces in your ad might help you promote your business effectively.

7. Feature happy patients in your ad

There is nothing better than a patient who has solved their dental problems from you making an appeal to other patients who are suffering from the same or similar dental problems. If you can manage taking videos of some of your happy patients and ask them to give honest reviews about their experience with you and how you were as a dentist then this might garner some patients for you.

8. Making seasonal campaigns

You can make seasonal campaigns by posting advertisement prior to some tournament and cajole people to get their dental checkups before the tournaments. You can even put in your advertisements that you are open till late so that people who are working they do not have to miss their office and come after their office to meet you. By strategizing while creating an ad can prove to be effective and can garner a lot of patients for you.

9. Offering a free service or product

People definitely choose places where they get something for free and the rule doesnâ??t change for a dentist even. If you are a dentist and you want to attract more patients then you can offer something for free for your patients. You can offer a free service or a free product like a tooth whitening kit or anything of the same sort.


In this competitive world, if you being a dentist want to succeed and outrank your competitors, then you must be really good at selling your skills. You must advertise your skills is a different and unique way so that you can garner the attention of maximum patients. To create appealing dental facebook ads you must consider the aforesaid tips while making your ad. So, create a Facebook ad now and expand your dental clientele.

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