A professional website design should be a priority for every dentist. To reach out to patients in the most effective way possible, a dentist should invest in developing a website that will truly standout. However, the mistake that most dentists make is having dental web designs that are poor or below par. Unfortunately, this works to their disadvantage. They end up losing potential patients as well as their professional image. Read on to know the dental web design mistakes you should avoid to improve your online presence and image.

Using Out-Of-Date Web Design Systems

It is a big mistake for a dentist to use outdated web design systems. Today, online users are able to know whether a web design is up to date or not. If your dental web design is out-of-date, then you are telling your audience that you are out of sync with the current times. This will simply push your patients away. Chances are that they may not take you seriously because you don’t portray the kind of professionalism they are looking for.

Slow Loading Pages on your Site

If there is anything that frustrates visitors to a site, is a page that loads slowly. If your dental site’s pages load slowly, you are hurting your dental practice. Since your website is a cardinal platform for connecting with your patients and potential ones, slow loading pages could be the reason why your appointments have reduced. It’s vital for you to optimize your site’s loading speed so as to improve the effectiveness at which you connect with your patients.

Opting for a Website Builder

If you want to be a dynamic and competitive dentist, your web design has to stand out. Regrettably, you can’t achieve this when you are using a website builder to design your site. Simply put, a website builder will make your site look like any other out there. It will not stand out. For you to draw as many patients as possible to your dental practice, you must have a dynamic and innovative website design. You would rather hire an expert website designer to develop a website that will present you in the most professional way possible.

Ignoring the Aspect of Mobile Friendliness

Is your site’s design accommodating the aspect of mobile friendliness? If not, you are losing out on so much. Most people today are using mobile devices to visit sites. If your site is not optimized to accommodate mobile friendliness, you will end up locking out a large number of your visitors. You should make your website mobile friendly for you to draw patients to your dental practice. Patients will want to visit your site from their mobile devices. So, avoid denying them that opportunity.

Website Design with a Poor User Experience

A common mistake that many dentists make is having web designs that deliver bad user experiences. If it’s hard for visitors to navigate through your site, then you are delivering a very poor user experience. Consequently, you risk losing prospective patients to your competitors. Instead of frustrating visitors coming to your site, it’s highly advisable that you improve the user experience of your site. Through this, you won’??t lose patients to your competitors.

A Website Devoid of Calls to Action

The reason why you have a website is to invite patients to your dental practice. It’s unfortunate if your site will be devoid of Calls to Action or if it’s there, it is unclear. If this feature is missing, how will you invite patients for your dental services? You have to take action to bring them to your office and get treated. Every page on your site should invite patients and visitors to take particular actions related to your dental practice. Thus, it is a huge mistake if your dental web design lacks Calls to Action.

Insufficient Content

Your dental practice relies on the content you provide to your visitors to help them understand more about you. If you have insufficient content, the danger here is that your visitors will not know what to expect from your dental practice. You should develop your website’s design in a way that you provide sufficient content for your visitors.

Ineffective Communication of your Dental Practice

Your website is a communication tool. It is a big blow to your dental practice if your dental web design does not communicate effectively to your visitors. It is not enough to just have content; you should be in a position to communicate effectively to your visitors. Effectiveness is being able to tell your visitors what your dental practice is all about and why they should choose you instead of your competitors. If this is missing on your site, then there is a problem you need to fix.

A Confusing Contact Page

A website’s contact page should not be confusing. Rather, it should be straightforward. If visitors find this page to be too confusing, they might abandon any action they intended to have. For example, make sure that your dental practice name, physical address, email, and phone number are clear to avoid any confusion. Also, the contact form for your patients should be clear to attract them to fill it. Hence, avoid a confusing contact page for your dental website design for you to have quality outcomes.

Overlooking the Footer

Failing to have a footer or leaving out important information is a mistake you shouldn’t make on your dental web design. This is the bottom part of your site that contains links to your website’??s vital pages and anything else of importance and relevance to your visitors. Make your footer easy to read and relevant to your patients. Don’t ignore it.

Using the Wrong Font

As a dentist, capturing the attention of your visitors is very important. However, this is not possible if you are using the wrong font. This is a typography mistake that you should avoid as much as possible. Let your font make it easy for your visitors to read your content. It will improve their connection with your site. Therefore, consider avoiding the use of unclear fonts on your dental site.

The success of your dental practice is in how great your web design is. As a dentist, a website is so imperative that you can’t ignore it. That being said, there are mistakes you should never make if you have to connect effectively with your visitors. Take note of the above-mentioned mistakes and improve your dental practice’s website design.